Monday, August 11, 2008

Silver-Ring Slate Blue Necklace

I was feeling the need for a necklace with a particular look. Don't ask me what that "look" is called though. I wanted it to be a necklace people would notice, but that I wouldn't feel odd wearing. I'm not a BIG necklace kind of person. I love blue, especially slate blue, so my daughter (yes, I stole from her!) had a package of glass beads I had bought for her to make creations out of. However, she's a girl and girls like pink! Her loss is my gain.

I hit Michael's and found these really cute silver rings with the holes in the correct position for these beads. I used seed beads from the same set to fill in where the bigger beads didn't fill the silver rings in. I certainly didn't want anyone to see the wire in between and think I was a newbie (even though I am)!

The spirals I had made while practicing my wire-wrapping technique. My goal is to eventually purchase real sterling silver wire to duplicate these spirals and replace them in this necklace. I was really happy the way it came out, but the copper-filled wire I used is cheap and brings the look of the necklace down a notch. Live and learn, right?

Hope you like it too.

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