Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Visit To The American Bead Show

I went to my very first American Bead Show yesterday, and it definitely won't be my last.  I've always bought my goodies from online wholesalers or local stores.  This bead show was in Charlotte so I asked a friend of mine to accompany me.  Talk about two kids in a candy store!  And the gemstones, crystals, and findings really did look like candy...bright enticing colors, sparkling under the lights.  Yum!

One of the gemstones I just had to buy was Russian Purple Charoite...gorgeous!  I sat down in my workshop yesterday and had a blast doing some wire wrapping with the Charoite, and multi-colored Fluorite chips.  The colors of purple, light green, and white look fantastic together.

I also worked on a few other pieces to add to my Etsy shop.  I took a quick picture of all of them to share with you before I take my "professional" pictures to post onto the shop.  I hope you like them.  The four-strand bracelet I decided to design using my Yellow Turquoise gemstones.  The colors played well with shades gold, and shades of green.  Making a couple pairs of earrings to go with this bracelet proved to be fairly easy.  I went in two was the obvious choice of using two more Yellow Turquoise gemstones and wire wrapping them.  With the second pair I felt that the pearl would be a more unassuming matches, but would go with many outfit choices.

The other pairs of earrings were a wire wrapping design that I wanted to try.  The shape looks great with teardrop gemstones or briolette crystals.  The trick is making sure that the stone used has the right size hole so that it doesn't get "stuck" on the wire...they need to move a bit.  I want the stones to move with catch someone's eye when they're looking at you.

Another American Bead Show is coming around in November and I'm hoping to make it to that one as well.  I'll be a bit more prepared with a list of needs and wants to build my inventory.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I opened an Etsy shop!

Hello Everyone,

I want to apologize for not posting to my blog in a long, long time.  But I have a really good reason...or should I say "excuse"?  I have finally opened a shop on Etsy to try and sell my jewelry and support my habit...of jewelry making that is!

Opening an Etsy shop had been a dream of mine, but never thought it would happen.  Not because of time, or money, but because of my own fears.  I tend to talk myself out of things that scare me.  I like feeling comfortable...well, who doesn't?  So, almost two years ago I signed myself up for Tae Kwon Do classes.  That was step number one...get in shape doing something "fun", but that also scared the living heck out of me!  Get over some fears and just step outside of my comfort zone.  This Friday I'll be testing for my Red Stripe, so please wish me luck.  I'm terrified every time I test, but then feel awesome afterwards!

It probably sounds like I'm rambling, but Tae Kwon Do actually ties into my Etsy shop...stay with me...  One day while sitting in the formal Do Jang watching my kids training I brought a Fire Mountain Gems catalog with me to pass my time.  It just so happens that a woman sitting near me asked, "Do you make jewelry too?".  Long story short, she's one of my best friends now, and she just happens to have an incredibly successful Etsy shop herself!  I've helped her do some wire wrapping for her store during her busy season.  She pushed me to open my shop.

My mother just turned 90 on Monday and she's my greatest inspiration for ALL of the crafting that I do.  I opened my shop as my "present" to her because she always asked why I didn't try to sell my jewelry creations. I excuses!  She's thrilled for me...she's the best mom...always supporting me and encouraging me.

Please check out my shop:  Oh, and you may as well check out my friend's...her stuff is gorgeous!

Thanks for listening...I'm just SO excited, and needed to share.

Take Care,