Friday, January 8, 2010

Updated Name Bracelets and Snowman Earrings

Happy New Year Everyone!
I came on to publish a new post about the Rosary beads I'm making for First Communions (see the previous post.) And I realized that my previous posts "disappeared" to my 2009 archives. (Blogging is new to me!) If you want to see pictures of the name bracelet I had previously posted, please look at my October 3, 2009 post. It also has the prices listed. To contact me via e-mail please use
I'm also posting a couple pictures of a name bracelet that I added onto for someone. This wonderful woman got in contact with me because she'd seen my blog. She had received a name bracelet from her daughter as a gift several years ago. Well, she'd been blessed with three more grandchildren since she'd received it and she wanted the bracelet "updated".

I added a second strand for her along with the three new Swarovski crystals that represented the birthstones for her three "new" grandchildren. I did my best to match the original bracelet and I thought it came out fantastic. The woman was also extremely please with the results.

It came out really well, didn't it? I'm having a lot of fun making these name bracelets, so please contact me if you're interested in placing an order. Thanks!

Order Rosary Beads for First Communions Now!

Hello Everyone!

This spring my daughter will be receiving her First Communion and I decided to make her a set of Rosary beads. I LOVED the way they came pretty and feminine. My daughter won't see them until she receives them from her daddy and me, but I showed them to several family members and friends. I wasn't even thinking about making them for anyone else, but I already got some requests! Below are four shots I took of them: It's all sterling silver and 8mm and 10mm Swarovski crystals. I made them using the Swarovski equivalent to my daughter's birthstone for October. This can be made using any of the Swarovski birthstone colors. Or any color that you'd like. Even in pearls this would be beautiful!
I did not make them in a child's size...I wanted them to be something she kept, cherished and used in her adult life as well.

Obviously this sterling silver cross is very feminine, so if you were requesting a set for a boy, then I would use a stone-free, masculine sterling silver cross.

If you would like to place an order for them, please send me an e-mail or give me a call. For a set like this, using Swarovski crystals in any color choice the price would be $100. (If it needs to be shipped I'll let you know what the cost would be.) Of course, we could customize a set depending on your needs so the cost could vary based on the materials chosen. You could go "high-end" and use gold of course...or bring the cost down by using pewter instead of sterling silver. Same thing if you decide not to use Swarovski crystals and just go with a glass bead. The possibilities are endless!
Please just remember that you need to allow 4 weeks from order placed to finished product. The process could be shorter than that, but it's best to err on the side of caution. First Communions are coming up this spring, so don't let it slide by. It would be a beautiful gift from a parent, godparent, sibling or grandparent!