Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Selling Name Bracelets!

I've finally committed to making and selling my name bracelets! A friend of mine got one with her kids names on it and I thought, "I like it but it's not quite me." So, I came up with a design that I liked for myself. I like a little "bling" so Swarovski crystals had to be a part of mine. And another friend of mine needed a three name, 3-strand bracelet and she designed her own and I put it together for her.

Needless to say, we've received a lot of compliments on them and I've been asked if I would make them. I spent last weekend figuring out the cost and will post them below. I can make either an all sterling silver version of the one below. Or add the 14k gold filled beads to make it versatile if you like to switch back and forth from silver to gold jewelry. I tried to take the best pictures possible of my bracelet, I'm not sure if it does the bracelet justice though.

The prices include the affirmation heart charm attached to the bracelet. You would have your choice of the following: believe, best friends, courage, faith, family, forever, hope, miracles, mom or strength.

I used 6mm Swarovski crystals and 6mm sterling silver/14k gold-filled beads, rondelles and saucers .

Both the single-strand and the double-strand bracelet will use the same sterling silver toggle clasp. A triple-strand bracelet will use a 3-hole sterling silver toggle clasp.

Prices for the bracelets are as follows:
All Sterling Silver
Single-Strand $ 75.50
Double-Strand $125.00
Triple-Strand $170.00
Sterling Silver with 14k Gold-Filled Accents
Single-Strand $ 85.00
Double-Strand $140.00
Triple-Strand $195.00

All prices are based on a 7-letter name per strand. For each additional letter, please add $5.00. If you're interested in ordering a bracelet from me, please contact me via e-mail at and we'll work out the details. Of course, I'm assuming the orders will be coming from acquaintances in the Mooresville, NC area, but if someone outside my area is interested, then we'll figure out the shipping! (I'm sure it won't be much!)
Thank You!

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