Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm on a roll now!

Well, I'm moving along quite nicely now. I figured out how to change the time stamp on this blog. It had me on Pacific Time...I needed Eastern!

So, after my first post I was inspired to finally take pictures of some of my jewelry and upload them. I'll have to figure out how to take better pictures though. I'm not doing the jewelry justice. I love the way light bounces off the facets of the Swarovski crystals!

One bracelet I made was done using Swarovski crystals in Montana, Light Peach and the new Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is a very interesting color. Depending on the light it comes off as three very different colors. This bracelet is shown above in the three photos...yes, it's the same bracelet! In natural light (larger picture) Cantaloupe shows as a light grey, in fluorescent light (top small picture) it looks like a peridot green and in incandescent light (bottom small picture) it looks like a rosy-peach color. So, needless to say I had to come up with colors that would compliment it no matter what light it would be worn in!

My next step will be to take pictures of my Stampin' Up! stuff. I have cards, stationary sets, clipboards and frames. Hopefully I'll sign up for another craft fair this fall. They're alot of fun to showcase your products and to meet new people. Or in some cases, the same people that you saw at the previous craft show you were in!

If you see any of my items that you like, I'd love to read your comments. I would appreciate all critiques, whether positive or negative. You can only learn from others and make changes to improve! Thanks for reading & please save me in your favorites.


Becky said...

Donna - your blog is too cute - and I love the jewelry. I've been invited to go to a jewelry party on 7/25 - looks a lot the same (I hope it is!). Very nice. Let's see some SU stuff - every time you show me something you've done, you inspire me. ;)

Becky Bergman said...

Very nice Donna! Your blog is too cute. I like the jewelry (I've been invited to a jewelry party on 7/25 - I hope its close to the same thing). Let's see some SU stuff - every time you show me something you've done, you inspire me. ;)

Linda said...

Very pretty stuff! Glad to see you're still alive and well. ;-) I'll be checking in regularly!

Lappy said...

Hey Donna!

Welcome to the world of blogging!
I have one too. I'm trying to keep pictures and some stories about Boston and other fun stuff uploaded but its at an infant state now.


p.s. the pictures of the kids are adorable! Sooo cute!

Michele said...

Hey, this blog thing is pretty cool. It's almost like I can hear you saying the words. You've always been crafty and creative, but this brings it to a whole new level. I looked at your comments and I'm guessing you know lappy (your nephew, right?). What about the others? Well, if you don't already know who this is...you'll have to guess, fag. :-) Wow, the jewelry is really nice! I must have looked at the pictures about 10 times to really see each color! Awesome! I'm guessing the last card you sent me was from stampin up...it was adorable! Anyway, keep up the good work! Have fun with it. Miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Donna, you never cease to amaze me with all your "crafty-ness". I already knew your SU stuff was awesome and I've seen your sewing too but now Jewlery??? It's beautiful!! Looks like fun! You've inspired me with this blog to get back to my scrapbooking and so I am "creating a space" for myself to get back to that and my SU stuff to. I'll email you those details later!
Oh and I'd much rather watch you make jewlery and cards than watch golf!!! Paint drying is actually more exciting!!! John doesnt get it either that is why I need my own space. Kiss the kids for me! Ardeen