Monday, July 21, 2008

Natural Necklace

So, about a month ago I saw a woman wearing a necklace that caught my eye. I asked her if she'd made it herself and her reply was 'no'. So, of course, being the kind of person I am I eyeballed it and mentally made note of how it looked. Later I went about trying to find the right components to make a similar style necklace and here is what I ended up with...

I used hemp for the necklace, silver spacer bead, Swarovski crystals, a silver bail, silver chain, jumprings and headpins. This "wood" bead is actually some kind of melamine or resin. I bought it for cheap at Michaels. What's amazing to me is to think of what this woman probably spent on a similar-looking necklace and I made it myself and for much less.

Tah tah for now!

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